AMI Stadium


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Sadly devastated in the earthquakes, AMI Stadium in Waltham was Christchurch’s main sports venue, with a capacity of just under 40,000. Temporarily relocated to Addington, AMI Stadium continues to be a key Christchurch venue.

The SKOPE Solution

In the corporate lounges at the old AMI Stadium, SKOPE backbar and counterline refrigeration was installed. SKOPE Refrigeration was chosen for its quality and performance, as the stadium had experienced ‘sweating’ with other brands, a real health and safety hazard. In the outdoor corporate hospitality seating area, 90 customised 'chilly bins', with double-hinged lids for access from both sides, were used to chill pre-ordered drinks. In the kitchen SKOPE Pegasus and stainless steel SK cabinets, were installed throughout. In the new, temporary stadium, SKOPE refrigeration has been used in the food and beverage outlets.