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SKOPE Custom Made

Customise to your exact requirements

Snow Cave, Whet Drinking Room, Christchurch

Customised Solutions

We make custom made fridges and freezers for any food, space or location. Our specialised Custom Refrigeration Team love a good challenge.

Our latest challenge - Silent Custom Fridges for Unique Tourism Experience on Spirit of the Wild

What Do we Need to Know?

The more we know about your challenges, the better fridge or freezer we can build you. When you brief us let us know about your environment, any ventilation issues, the products you plan to store, and any special features you want.


"The whole can-do attitude that came from the customs team was amazing because I kept throwing things at them."

David Quon - Hospitality Consultant, David Quon & Associates

Custom Snow Rail and Snow Cave at Whet Drinking Room

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