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Vitamix Troubleshooting

SKOPE are thrilled to be the exclusive distribution and servicing partner for Vitamix Commercial. While your blenders and components are designed to withstand hours of blending, we understand that from time to time, breakdowns occur. 

If the unfortunate happens, have a read through the below to help diagnose and self-service your machine prior to getting in touch with us. 

User error, damaged containers, blade assemblies and drive sockets are not covered under warranty so we strongly recommend working through the below troubleshooting before engaging a service technician. 

Start just below here with our problem identifier before moving onto next steps further down.

What problems are you having with your Vitamix Blender?

Click here to help diagnose your issue

Blender is making strange noises

  • Is the drive socket damaged or worn? See "Drive Socket" section below for next steps
  • Is the blade damaged or worn? See "Worn Blade Assembly" section below for next steps

Product is not blending as expected

  • Is the blade damaged or worn? See the "Worn Blade Assembly" section below
  • Have you tried running the blender at a slow speed?

Container is leaking

  • Check the container for a crack. If there is one, see the "Damaged Container" section below
  • Is the blade assembly fitted correctly? See the video in the "Worn Blade Assembly" section below to check

Blender won't turn on

  • Is it plugged in with the switch at the outlet turned on?
  • Is the blender hot? If so, you may need to give it 10-15 minutes to cool down before trying again

Blender keeps turning off during use

  • Is the blender hot? If so, you may need to give it 10-15 minutes to cool down before trying again

Blender is bouncing around during use

  • Check the rubber feet on the bottom of the blender to see if they are still in good condition. If not, contact a SKOPE spare parts stockist to replace these


Purchase parts here

Once your problem is identified, what next?

Now that you have diagnosed your issue, check out the relevant guides below to determine next steps.

Drive Socket

Symptoms that your drive socket needs replacing

The drive socket itself may need replacing if you are noticing any of the following:

  • An excessive rattling noise
  • The blade does not spin when operating the blender
  • The teeth on the blade are worn
  • There is visible damage or wear to the drive sockets (see below for examples)



What causes drive socket wear?

  • Removing containers before the motor has completely stopped spinning
  • Worn blade assembly gear
  • Placing containers on the drive socket when it is spinning
  • Rocking or tilting containers while the blender is turned on
  • Foreign objects are placed in the container
  • Running the machine without the centering pad
  • Using parts or products that are not approved by Vitamix


The correct positioning for a drive socket can be seen in the example below:

Incorrect placement however can be seen when the container is placed off to the side like the example below.

How to remove the drive socket?

How to install a new drive socket?

How can I source a new drive socket?

We recommend that you inspect your drive sockets daily. If you require a new one, you need to source the SKOPE part number VIT-000891A. This part number includes one Vitamix drive socket, plus an allen key tool to remove and replace.

Purchase a new drive socket here

Worn Blade Assembly

Symptoms that your blade assembly needs replacing


  • The ingredients are not blending correctly
  • The blade is not spinning correctly. To judge this, spin the blade and it should feel smooth, and consistent, with a light resistance. If the blade is spinning too freely or is too tight then it needs to be replaced
  • There is excessive noise when operating the blender
  • There is visible damage on the blade gear (see examples below)

What causes the blade to wear?

  • There are foreign objects placed in the container
  • Removing or placing the container on the machine while the drive socket is spinning
  • Running the machine without the centering pad
  • Rocking or tilting the container while it's in operation
  • The drive socket is worn out
  • Soaking the blade assembly in a sanitising solution that is above 200 parts per million
  • Use of cleaning products that are not appropriate for Polycarbonate or Buna N168-70 Nitrile
  • Placing in an automatic dishwasher
  • Using non-Vitamix approved parts or products

How do you replace a blade assembly?

Where can I source a new blade?

There are two types of Vitamix blade assemblies. The Advanced Blade and the Wet Blade. Refer to the images below to determine which blade assembly you require. 


VIT-001152 - Blade Assembly Wet


VIT-015153 - Blade Assembly Advanced


To replace the blade assembly, you will need a particular wrench. Use part number VIT-015596 to order this.

Purchase a new blade assembly and wrench here

Damaged Containers

Check for cracked containers and loose retainer nuts

A cracked container or loose retainer nut will impact the performance of your Vitamix blender. Here are some of the things to look for:


Container cleaning maintenance

When cleaning the container, there are a couple of important points to remember:

  • Do not place Vitamix containers in automatic dishwashers; low temp and high temp machines are not recommended. Only hand wash containers
  • Do not soak Vitamix containers in water with a sanitising solution for more than 2 minutes
  • Do not use sanitising solutions that are too strong. Use cleaning solutions with the following concentrations:
    • Quaternary solutions should be 200 parts per million or less
    • Bleach sanitisers should be 100 parts per million or less

Correct placement of the container on it's base

See the images below for the correct container installation for a Right or Left handed operator. When the container is installed correctly, the lid will close very easily. You should never have to force the lid to close it. 


The container handle should never be in the centre position. In this position, the lid will have to be forced closed. This position will cause drive socket failure. 


Where can I source a new container?

Containers are available from SKOPE stockists, you can view the list of SKOPE stockists here.

Or, you can purchase containers from SKOPE spare parts stockists. Details are below.

Purchase a new container here

For further frequently asked questions, visit the Vitamix Commercial website here

If you have read through the above and still believe you require a service technician to assess your problem, please book a job below.

Servicing jobs are all completed at our certified technicians base and the cost of getting the machine to the technician is at the owner's cost. If the issue is covered under the machine's warranty, the cost of the repair and the return of the machine will be covered for you as part of the warranty conditions. If when diagnosing, if the issue identified is not covered under the warranty, we will contact you with a quote for the cost of repair prior to completing any further work.