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R452A Refrigerant Changeover

Product Group: Refrigeration
Content: R452A Refrigerant Changeover
Issue Date: 17/0/2020
Customer: General
Bulletin No: SBG0111
Revision: 1.1 (Current version of this bulletin)


From January 2020, R452A refrigerant will be used in place of R404A refrigerant.

Why has it changed

This has been done due to changes to refrigeration legislation in the global phase down of HFC refrigerants, which R404A is one of many. R404A refrigerant has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) figure of 3922, compared to R452A which has a 45% lower GWP of 1945.

Products affected

All current SKOPE products that traditionally use R404A refrigerant, including:
• VF-X vertical freezer series
• OD1100-2 open deck series
• Pegasus freezer series

When does it change

January 2020.

What changes

The refrigerant used in the refrigeration system changes from R404A to R452A.
The mass of R452A gas remains the same (the refrigerant and gas charge can be found on the cabinet rating label). Cabinet and refrigeration system components do not change. Performance of the product does not change.


Installation requirements, including positioning and ventilation of the product, do not change.


SKOPE recommend existing R404A systems should be recharged with R404A, and R452A systems should be recharged with R452A. If R404A refrigerant is used in place of R452A or vice versa, ensure the refrigerant change is noted on rating labels.
IMPORTANT: SKOPE does not approve the use of any other refrigerants (e.g R448A and R449A) in these products.