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ReFlex Underbench Refrigeration Cartridge Removal

Product Group: Refrigeration
Content: ReFlex Underbench Refrigeration Cartridge Removal
Issue Date: 1/0/2019
Customer: General
Bulletin No: LAB80194
Revision: 1 (Current version of this bulletin)

ReFlex Underbench Refrigeration Cartridge Removal

Follow the instructions below to remove the refrigeration cartridge from a ReFlex underbench cabinet.

Note: The electronic controller and electrics panel (including light power supply) is matched to the cabinet, and must be left with the cabinet when exchanging the cartridge. Replacement spare part cartridges are not supplied with controller and electrics panel.

important notice 1

Tools and parts required

Screwdriver - Phillips head | Allen key - M6

Cutting pliers or snips       | Cable ties - for refitting cartridge


1. Unplug the cabinet from the power supply, and cut the cable tie at the back of the cabinet to release the power cord.

2. Unscrew the front panel - (Phillips head screwdriver): Two screws at the bottom and two screws at the top of the front cover.

3. Unscrew the cartridge (Allen key): Two screws at the bottom and four screws on the right hand side of the cartridge.
4. Partially slide the cartridge out. Use the handles at the front of the cartridge, and take care of loose plugs, cables and the evaporator box gasket when sliding the cartridge. Release the electrical cables on the LH side of the cartridge by cutting the cable ties securing the cables.
5. Photograph wiring setup for future reference when refitting the cartridge.
6. Unplug the cartridge from the cabinet (see picture over page):

  • Blue 4-Way plug (compressor) at back of electrics box.
  • Red and blue 4-Way plugs (controller) at the front of the electrics box.
  • Red (condenser fan), white (evaporator fan) and yellow (defrost element) 4-Way plugs on top of the electrics box.
  • White 6-Way plug (probes/door switch/s) and yellow 4-Way plug (lights) behind controller.
  • White 2-Way plug (door switch/s) on wiring loom.

7. Detach electrics panel and electronic controller from the cartridge.

  • To remove the electrics panel: Unscrew the five screws (Phillips head screwdriver) around the perimeter of the panel.
  • To remove the controller: Press and hold the tabs on each side of the electronic controller to unlock, and push the controller through the front of the controller box. Unplug the electronic controller from the cartridge.

8. The cartridge can now be removed from the cabinet.

9. Reverse the steps above to refit the cartridge. When refitting, ensure:

  • IMPORTANT: Ensure plug reconnection is undertaken correctly as operational faults may occur if incorrect. See IMPORTANT box at the top of this page, and refer to previous recommended photograph as reference if required.
  • The evaporator box gasket is in good condition.
  • All plugs and cables are re-connected to the correct socket and cable tied back into place.
  • Wires and cables are clear of the cartridge when moving it.
  • The cartridge is pushed fully in the cabinet and screwed in place. Ensure the tabs on the back of the cartridge are located in the slots at the back of the cabinet.
  • The front cover is refitted.

reflex cartridge removal 2reflex cartridge removal 3refelx cartridge removal 1