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Compatible with your Fridge, Freezer, or Cool Room

SKOPE-connectEYE is the small device with big implications for commercial refrigeration - regardless of brand. Place the EYE within your existing fridge, freezer, or cool room and start benefiting from your temperature data. 

The EYE is a portable iteration of the smart controller found in many new SKOPE fridges and freezers. Use the EYE in in prior-generation SKOPE products or any other brand of fridge, freezer or cold room. You can collect temperature data with extreme accuracy, allowing you to:

  • Simplify and support compliance management
  • Avoid food waste with temperature alerts
  • Track door openings on your refrigeration to better understand customer demand
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Take the Hassle out of HACCP Compliance

SKOPE-connectEYE collects temperature data so you don't have to. Easily export at the touch of a button.

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Temperature Alerts to your App

If anything threatens the internal temperature of your fridge, freezer, or cool room, you'll be notified via the SKOPE-connect app.

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Measure Door Openings

Test the popularity of new product in a merchandiser or see how often your fridge is used by staff.

The SKOPE-connectEYE is a small, simple, easy to install, and affordable way for small businesses to start improving the way you use refrigeration. It’s not just about effective food safety or minimising food waste, it's also about having more peace of mind that your fridges are continuing to work for you.

Using the free SKOPE-connect app, you can see the performance of all of your refrigeration assets in all your sites – including the latest SKOPE ranges fitted with SKOPE-connect technology or those products fitted with an EYE.





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