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SKOPE-connect: Give Your Team Access

You can provide access to colleagues and staff by registering them on your account as a FRIDGE USER and sending them a unique access code.

Fridge users can navigate the app and use the control functions in SKOPE-connect, but cannot:

  • Add, remove, or rename fridges
  • Manage venues
  • Manage users

Step 1.

On the Fridges page, tap ≡ on the top right and select Manage Users.


Step 2.

Enter your SKOPE-connect user email and password.


Step 3.

Create a new user:

  1. Tap + to add a new user
  2. Enter the user’s name
  3. Tap Add

This will generate a unique code they can use to access the account.


Step 4.

Give the unique access code created to the colleague or team-member.

Tell them to:

  1. Download the SKOPE-connect app
  2. Follow the installation instructions for entering the access code.


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