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SKOPE-connect: Menu Navigation

SKOPE-connect uses five top menu views to display data from your fridge and allow you to control different features.

Select a fridge on the Fridges page to access these pages.


Details is the first menu you see when you tap on a fridge from the Fridges menu. It contains an overview of fridge performance data as well as the Hush Mode function.

Find out how to check fridge details.


The Temp tab is where you set and control the fridge's temperature and where you can review the estimated product temperature in detail.

Find out how to change temperature.


The History tab displays up to five months of energy consumption and cost, and door opening data. This information can be used to analyse long-term operational costs and the merchandising return on display fridges.

Find out how to view history.


The Lights tab allows you to schedule the internal LED lights on an ActiveCore 2 general display fridge.

Find out how to set-up your fridge's lights.


The Alarm tab contains a history of the alerts sent to you by SKOPE-connect. Tapping on an alert expands the record to show the cause and provide advice on recommended actions.

Find out how to understand alarms.


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