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SKOPE-connect: Quick Fridge Set Up

Once connected to a fridge you can customise settings to suit your application.

Product Type

Accessed on the Temp page, select the product type that best suits your application. If your requirement isn’t there, use the manual option. For perishable products, always select Food Safe.

SKOPE connect product type

Temperature Alerts

Accessed on the Temp page, turn temperature alerts on or off. These are recommended to be used if you’re storing temperature sensitive product. The temperature thresholds and delay before alerting can be customised.



Accessed on the Lights page, select the lighting mode that best suits your application. Options include: Manual, Automatic, and Time-of-Day. Automatic mode will turn off the lights after a couple of hours of inactivity. Time-of-Day mode allows you to set a seven-day lighting schedule. Remember to tap save once you’ve entered your venue hours.

SKOPE connect lighting

Hush Mode

Accessed on the Details page, Hush Mode allows you to make the fridge quieter. Turn this on if your fridge is in a noise-sensitive environment.

SKOPE connect hush mode

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