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GEMS: Cabinet Classification

Cabinet Classification is a category of data in the GEMS database that can be used as a quick reference for a fridge or freezer's suitability for the storage or display of food and drink. 

It combines two key data points:

  • Climate Class
  • M Pack Temperature

The resulting classification looks like this:

5M1 2

Climate Class Explained

Climate Class indicates the fridge or freezer can work in a certain temperature range. There are three class - 3, 4, and 5. Display cabinets are only tested to Climate Class 3 while storage cabinets are tested in all three classes.

Climate Class

Suitable for...

Temperature Range

Climate Class 3 

Display, Storage

25°C ambient and 60% relative humidity

Climate Class 4 


30°C ambient and 55% relative humidity

Climate Class 5 


40°C ambient and 40% relative humidity

M Pack Temperature Explained

M Pack Temperature shows the temperature range of food inside the fridge or freezer when it was tested for compliance with GEMS. "M Pack" is shorthand for "measurement package", the device placed in the cabinets to perform testing.

SKOPE products are tested in one of four categories - two for fridges and two for freezers - that show you the suitability of the cabinet for safely storing food.

M Pack Temperature

Unit Type

Temperature range

Storage Suitability


Fridge Temperature range -1°C to +5°C (i.e. food safe) Perishables


Fridge Temperature range -1°C to +7°C Non-perishables


Freezer Temperature range < -18°C (can spike up to -15°C) Perishables


Freezer Temperature range < -18°C (can spike up to -12°C) Non-perishables


Fridge Temperature range +1°C to +10°C Not recommended for commercial environments


Fridge Temperature range -1°C to +10°C Not recommended for commercial environments

If you're storing food and other perishable goods, M1 and L1 are the M Pack Temperatures to look for.



Here are two GEMS Ready examples showing how appropriate cabinet classifications differ between fridges and freezers, and display and storage categories. The model of ActiveCore 2 below, for example, has a nine-star energy rating under GEMS. But like every general display fridge, it has a 3M1 classification. Compare that to the ReFlex food storage freezer next to it, which has been designed for food safety, and therefore has a 5L1 classification.

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