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Servicing - How It Works

Facilities & Fleet Management

We specialise in facilities and fleet management of your refrigeration and catering equipment, so you don’t have to. That allows you to concentrate on what makes you money  - selling your products to your customers.

skope servicing management


Our Asset Management system is designed specifically around the needs of the food and beverage industry. With complete visibility of all your sites and your assets, their locations, and their history, you have complete insights into every activity. Along with an easy and accurate overview of what is happening with your equipment at any time. Utilise our comprehensive desktop solution for complete control or arm your team with the SKOPE Services App, giving field staff the capability to view and manage the fleet from anywhere.

skope servicing in field

In-Field Service

Across NZ and Australia, our accredited technicians are on-call for servicing, and repairs as and when needed. Our connected system enables you to know when a fix is scheduled and when it is all finished.

skope servicing workshop 500

Workshop Preparation & Repairs

At our SKOPE workshops, we’ll take care of any technical repairs in a safe environment. We also undertake product assessments, cleaning and carrying out testing and tagging. We can also smarten up your assets by adding your branding needed and replacing damaged or weathered parts.

skope servicing warehouse 500

Storage & Logistics

With access to storage facilities right across NZ and Australia, we can store your new and used equipment and transport it to you when required. You can request moves via your SKOPE Services app or directly with our team and we’ll manage the whole process - including setting up in a store.

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