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GEMS: Total Energy Consumption (TEC)

GEMS: Total Energy Consumption (TEC)

Total Energy Consumption (TEC) is a category of data in the GEMS database that can be used as a quick reference for it's energy efficiency.

If you short list refrigeration models by Cabinet Classification (so you know they are appropriate for your needs) you can then compare their performance using TEC data.


Total Energy Consumption (TEC) Explained

Total Energy Consumption is the amount of energy the cabinet consumes every day and is expressed as a "kWh/24h" number.

This isn't to be confused with the final power cost of the fridge, but you can calculate that by multiplying the TEC by the kWh cost shown on your business's last power bill.

You can also find annual running cost estimations on the specification sheets of many of our products, where TEC is shown as "GEMS energy consumption".


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